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    Reverent Employer Consultants has been established as a truly unique and niche service provider providing direct consulting services to employers of essentially any size, with a focus on small to medium sized employers.

    We share our knowledge, training and experience with employers in order to help you navigate through the maze of California employer responsibilities as they pertain to employee management and compliance standards including workers’ compensation requirements.

    Some Questions to Reflect On As An Employer

    Are you aware of what you face as an employer before the Labor Commission?
    What are your responsibilities as an employer?
    What are your areas of exposure?
    Are you in compliance with the law in order to avoid penalties and hefty fines?
    Are you insured for workers’ compensation?
    What premiums are you paying for workers’ compensation coverage?
    Is this a reasonable rate? Or can you have lower rates?
    Are you truly covered for work injury liabilities if you have incorrectly categorized your work force?
    Do you have open claims that you thought were resolved thereby affecting your XMod?
    What type of a work culture have you created that makes you more or less susceptible to litigation regarding workers’ compensation and human resources/personnel issues?
    Are you set up for real time consultation and guidance as events take place in your business?
    How is your payroll being handled? Is it the right structure for your business?
    Have you accurately categorized your employees and independent contractors? Or are you operating under the false sense of security that you will be covered just because you have Work Comp insurance?
    With California’s reputation as a highly litigious state, isn’t it time that you keep your business’s best interest in mind?
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    It is time for you to retain the services of Reverent Employer Consultants and find out what you’re doing right, and what you’re doing wrong in your business infrastructure. We are on the leading edge of the market in California regarding employer related matters as they develop. Don’t be an easy target for workers’ compensation litigation and employment law matters.


    I would like to thank you for the exceptional work and service you provided to us during our complicated workers' comp audit. Your dealings with the carrier and your ability to extract the requested information from us and properly present it to the carrier allowed us to keep our good standing with the carrier. We appreciate that you took a day out of the week to drive over 150 miles to personally meet with our auditor and to ensure our policy stayed intact allowing us to do what we do best - Build!

    We look forward to working with you and RIS to avoid such issues in the future.


    Steve M.
    JMI Construction