EDD Audit: What You Should Know


EDD audits can be an anxious time for many businesses, but there are multiple ways that your business can prepare for an audit. It may come as a surprise when you are informed of an audit, but Reverent Employer Consultants are here to help through this time of stress.

Types of Audits

There are two types of EDD audits that your business could face. Reverent Employer Consultants will help you navigate your way through either one.

Verification Audit

These types of audits are initiated randomly. There is no assumption of problems during this type of audit and the reason behind being selected could be based on the number of employees and payroll size that you have. 

Request Audit

If you are facing a request audit, this is a bit more serious. This means that your business was deliberately targeted because EDD investigators gathered information on your company. This information could have raised a red flag that there are suspected violations. The information could have been provided by a former employee.

Facing an EDD audit? Let us help.

In the event that you are being audited, you can count on Reverent Employer Consultants to serve as your designated representative at the time of an EDD audit. They will discuss the details of your business operations, categorization, and the role of your workforce. Reverent will serve as the liaison between your business and the EDD.


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